Monday, 30 January 2012

What is art nouveau? Where did it come from??

Art nouveau? New Art? Le style Neilles (translation: noodle art)?

Alphonse Mucha Bieres de la Meuse. Art Nouveau.
 The movement adopted many names in the early 1900s. It all started when artists started to react against academic art, using two dimensional fluid organic lines combined with structure.

Birth of venus, Alexandre Cabanel. Academic School
 Most would agree that Art nouveau was inspired by natural forms and was designed to join beauty and geometric structure. It was original "new art" that moved away from the art acadamies that stood for clasicism and historic romantisim.

Art nouveau is said to have a german origins, but really flourished in brussles, france, so not shocking that the designer of my chosen art nouveau object was from france. It became very popular in london and the movement spread even further.

Remenants of the movement have captured designers eyes, even in the modern day. Such as, prada and Kerrie Loft.

Prada 2005

Kerrie Loft shoe collection