Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Take a Look

Denim has taken a step back and it was wonderful to see a whole section of premiere vision devoted to it. (when i say whole section i mean a corner of brilliant wonder in indigo) but still... it sparked some creative hope for the life of denim!!!

Just Cavalli 2011 spring RTW

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428

JUST CAVALLI Spring 2011 Fashion Week Photos 459428;slide=16;

Please, dear followers.... take a look at this link! Maybe i'll follow this up by making my own. Gorgeous!


When I went to Premiere Vision, in paris this year, I saw alot of tropical prints and now I am seeing them everywhere. What better way to enter into summer than to dress in the tropics.


Nicki Minage at Versace launch party

Versace for h&m


Christian Dior
Christian Dior



Tropical Dramaturgy

Wild nature plays all its cards, calling on Rousseau to lure us into a game of paradise lost with all its misleading tricks.

Pretty green vines encircle us, exuberant flowers are giant to better devour us.

The beaks of multicolored macaws pinch the cheeks of lost Janes.

ColorsThe range is solar, incandescent, spicy and suffocating. Yellow singing at the top of its voice, uninhibited parrot green, the orange of Tibetan monks, the entire spectrum of reds from purple to salmon pink. Bushy brown, deep blue.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

What is art nouveau? Where did it come from??

Art nouveau? New Art? Le style Neilles (translation: noodle art)?

Alphonse Mucha Bieres de la Meuse. Art Nouveau.
 The movement adopted many names in the early 1900s. It all started when artists started to react against academic art, using two dimensional fluid organic lines combined with structure.

Birth of venus, Alexandre Cabanel. Academic School
 Most would agree that Art nouveau was inspired by natural forms and was designed to join beauty and geometric structure. It was original "new art" that moved away from the art acadamies that stood for clasicism and historic romantisim.

Art nouveau is said to have a german origins, but really flourished in brussles, france, so not shocking that the designer of my chosen art nouveau object was from france. It became very popular in london and the movement spread even further.

Remenants of the movement have captured designers eyes, even in the modern day. Such as, prada and Kerrie Loft.

Prada 2005

Kerrie Loft shoe collection

Monday, 14 November 2011

Power dressing of today? What is it?

Above is a link to the BBC news website, questioning what empowers the women of the 21st centuary.
Throughout my research, I have realised that what Power Dressing once was has mutated into ' "liberating" sexual appeal.' Whether it is wearing office dress with sexy edge or sending in a picture of your breasts into 'Nuts' magazine!
Lady Gaga has a strong sexual wardrobe and in a way, from this, she has a liberated herself as she now is veiwed as a major icon of fashion and also seen as a strong vibrant character and woman. Somehow, to me it doesn't seem the same when your sending in a raunchy picture to men's mags!
It seems to me that Lady Gaga is so extravagant with her sense of style (and also considering her proffession, costumes and all,) that she can pull it off with no questions asked, but it leaves to questioning, does identifying yourself as a sexual object, or getting noticed by men for only your sexual assets really empower you?

Friday, 11 November 2011

New Power Icons of Today!!

This powerful statement of fashion hasn't ended yet. It has influenced many to 'dress for sucess' especiaally women. Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, although very different in style, have something in common... they have been influenced and still yet contribute to the movement of poer dressing.

Is it the sholder pads and respectible suits that gain respect and authority, or is it the confidence and daring sexuality of "bondage chic" and "the art of tease" that empower women ???

All of my pictures and resorces are from this book, by Lizzy Goodman.

Lady Gaga; as i have read from 'Lady GaGa, Extreme style' by Lizzy Goodman, has been heavily inspired by madonna and the new romantic movement as has therefore become a powerful icon of today. Especially in terms of fashion.

very Madonna-esk!

Bondage chic gives Gaga strong authoritive female streak.

Sholder pads, here, have inspired a hunch back of fashion and glamour. Beautifully ugly!

 But what is better? Sex or sophistication?

Competition in power dressing.

The new romantics and Madonna!

The new romantic fashion was brought about by a wave of a new genre in the music industry.  It became extremely popular and from this Madonna became a big influence in both music and fashion.


Yuppies is a term for a style of power dressing than ran like wild fire through the buisness world of the 80's. 
"Yuppie (short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly mobile professional") is a term that refers to a member of the upper middle class or upper class in their 20s or 30s. It first came into use in the early-1980s and largely faded from American popular culture in the late-1980s, due to the 1987 stock market crash and the early 1990s recession. However it has been used in the 2000s and 2010s, in places such as in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and Details."        Wikipedia