Friday, 11 November 2011

New Power Icons of Today!!

This powerful statement of fashion hasn't ended yet. It has influenced many to 'dress for sucess' especiaally women. Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, although very different in style, have something in common... they have been influenced and still yet contribute to the movement of poer dressing.

Is it the sholder pads and respectible suits that gain respect and authority, or is it the confidence and daring sexuality of "bondage chic" and "the art of tease" that empower women ???

All of my pictures and resorces are from this book, by Lizzy Goodman.

Lady Gaga; as i have read from 'Lady GaGa, Extreme style' by Lizzy Goodman, has been heavily inspired by madonna and the new romantic movement as has therefore become a powerful icon of today. Especially in terms of fashion.

very Madonna-esk!

Bondage chic gives Gaga strong authoritive female streak.

Sholder pads, here, have inspired a hunch back of fashion and glamour. Beautifully ugly!

 But what is better? Sex or sophistication?

Competition in power dressing.

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