Monday, 14 November 2011

Power dressing of today? What is it?

Above is a link to the BBC news website, questioning what empowers the women of the 21st centuary.
Throughout my research, I have realised that what Power Dressing once was has mutated into ' "liberating" sexual appeal.' Whether it is wearing office dress with sexy edge or sending in a picture of your breasts into 'Nuts' magazine!
Lady Gaga has a strong sexual wardrobe and in a way, from this, she has a liberated herself as she now is veiwed as a major icon of fashion and also seen as a strong vibrant character and woman. Somehow, to me it doesn't seem the same when your sending in a raunchy picture to men's mags!
It seems to me that Lady Gaga is so extravagant with her sense of style (and also considering her proffession, costumes and all,) that she can pull it off with no questions asked, but it leaves to questioning, does identifying yourself as a sexual object, or getting noticed by men for only your sexual assets really empower you?


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  3. Lady gaga definitely has some of the craziest outfits I've seen. Interesting post